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We Want A Revolution Girl-Style Now!

A girly girl's memoirs, Tigre-style

Tigre Style
22 July
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I know I won't be alone in the end But there won't be as many As I once thought there would And it's so fucking sad man Because I know we all should And you know it too man Because we've been through this shit before But we're still together And we're both proud to be straight So many of my friends have fallen But I know that is not my fate I'm still standing in the same place now And I'm still... proud to be straight!!! You said you'd be here until the end Now you're gone I guess that's the way it goes No matter how hard I try I can't make you see I thought we had the same goals Now here I stand alone And I'm still so fucking proud They said that I'd grow out of it, They said I'd never last But I'm still standing so fucking proud Now we'll see who laughs last!!! I'm still proud to be straight We're still proud to be straight And we always will be!!!
Ten Yard Fight - "Proud To Be Straight"


All through the days, come back to me. All through the nights, come back to me. All through the town, come back to me. Save my life, Come back to me. Sun goes down come back to me, Rivers rise come back to me. Moon hang high, come back to me. Oh baby, come back to me.

XPosi Vice PresidentX

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